Roland V-Drum HD-1 Fixed Bass Pedal

Today I spent some time fixing my Roland V-drums H1 drumkit. The bass-pedal was not responding like it should (resulting in me not using the Roland anymore, what a waste!) and after a quick Startpage search I found out it...

This is a sample piece in B-flat major with solemn piano chords that could be used as an intro for a TV series or movie.

Commissioned by 0900-0800 I composed a piece of music for radio and television commercials. The commercials page of the 0900-0800 website contains the original commercials with my reclame-muziek

During our radio appearance on Radio Noord we were also interviewed. Unfortunately we didn't talk much about my ambitions as a musician, it was more about some funny stuff concerning our house. But it was a fun experience nonetheless.

This is a sample piece in E minor. The piano plays a gentle "flowing" line and the guitar plays a melody over it. This could be used for a commercial, movie or TV series.

This is a sample piece in E-flat minor. The piano plays chords which act as accompaniment. On the guitar I play a melody with a theme, combined with improvisation. This could be used for a commercial, movie or TV series.

This is a piece that I wrote for my daughter, Hannah. I used her name as the opening theme for the melody. For now I've used piano, guitar and a drum sample. The piece is not finished yet, I want to re-record it with my band someday.

Down in Flames is a song I wrote over 15 years ago. At the time I performed it in a laid back, more jazzy fashion. In October 2011 we were asked by some students of SAE Institute to record a few songs with them so they could mix them for their graduation project. We...