Roland V-Drum HD-1 Fixed Bass Pedal

Today I spent some time fixing my Roland V-drums H1 drumkit. The bass-pedal was not responding like it should (resulting in me not using the Roland anymore, what a waste!) and after a quick Startpage search I found out it could be the rubber things inside the pedal. They stiffen up over time. (I’ve had this kit for over 5 years now, so about time!)


So, today I finally made some time to disassemble the pedal and fix the rubber thingy inside. (Thanks to 1sainteve1 for the tip and video) As far as my judgment goes (I’m not a real drummer as you can see) the kit plays as it should after these adjustments!



Sneak Preview Portrait Of You Solo

Sneak Preview Portrait Of You Solo

I have been experimenting the past week with different sounds and solo’s. And I feel like I’m almost there. A few mistakes here and there but the main idea is finished.

In the back you see (& hear) the amazing Power City Amp with 4×12 Speaker Cabinet, furthermore I only use a tubescreamer. And ofcourse my favorite Gibson Les Paul 2015 Model.

On the backing-track (recorded by Frans Vollink (Producer & Bassist) in Studio Het Atelier in Weiteveen (NL)) you can hear Frans Vollink (bass) together with Coen Molenaar (keys) and Niels Voskuil (drums).

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