A versatile multi-instrumentalist and composer from the northern part of the Netherlands

I was born September 10, 1979, and grew up in the village of Warffum in northern Groningen with my younger brother Rudi who is a very good organist.

As a child, I was very enterprising and, at young age, I was very interested in music, especially influenced by my French father, a lover of a wide range of music styles, from the better rock and pop to classical music and jazz. As soon as I remember, we were together with music cassettes and LPs from all kinds of bands. At my ninth, my parents did me on classical guitar lesson, and laid the foundation for my further career as a guitarist and musician.

During a vacation to Finland, I first saw a guitar on an electric guitar on the boat. From that moment on I also started playing electric guitar. Meanwhile, my interest in rock and jazz grew and I regularly visited my father’s performances, including Cuby and the Blizzards and Jan Akkerman, from the age of twelve. From the very beginning, I was busy composing and recording my own music. This I first worked out for myself, after which I recorded this with friends on a Tascam four-track recorder.

Rene with bandIn puberty I have played in several bands, including Picnic, which was essentially a cover band, but sometimes we also played own instrumental compositions. The Feel was an acoustic compilation with which I wrote and listened to various songs. Down in flames is an example of a song I wrote at that time. During that time I also accompanied a stage performance that won the 3rd prize in Kunstbende in 1997. In addition, I received an honorable mention as an executive musician. Guitar lessons I received at Erwin Java, known as guitarist of Cuby and the Blizzards and Herman Brood. During this period, programming and computers became more and more important and I had to divide my time over music and computers.

Around my twentieth I was working as a programmer and hobby-based at home to record my own compositions. During this time I played in a number of different bands and I did accompaniment and essay work. For example, I guided a guitarist for a number of years and guitar, bass and key players played on demos. In addition, I always follow music lessons, classical with Rob Nijboer and jazz at Winfred Buma. I also guided a number of people as a guitar with their admission to the Prince Claus Conservatory, and so I met my girlfriend, and now my wife, Vita van der Lijke.

Rene and HannahOmdat music is also a passion from Vita, this became more and more important, and it culminated in much of our budget. Together we realized our shared dream: a country house with space for its own studio. We settled in Oudeschip where we first realized a small studio in the house. Meanwhile, the plans for a music studio were already under construction. Meanwhile, the studio is already well advanced and together we have a beautiful daughter, Hannah.